Pet Battle Bonus Week & Super Squirt on EU
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Pet Battle Bonus Week & Super Squirt on EU
2020-01-21 22:41:11
What better way to celebrate a new patch than by leveling all those lovely new friends added to your roster? Or perhaps there are a few you still need to level to beat the new WQs and pet dungeon?

Never fear; it's pet battle bonus week! The Sign of the Critter offers a 200% increase on pet experience, and it's the perfect time to tackle that queue.

If you'd like to know what repeatable trainers to look out for this week, head over to our Powerleveling Guide to find out which ones are perfect for maximizing the use of the bonus xp. It will also offer the top leveling strategies for each of the fights, tips & tricks, and links to non-repeatable tamers as well as links to other useful guides.

28 January Super Squirt for EU!

Super Squirt is one of those magical days during pet battle bonus week where Squirt is up in your WoD garrison menagerie, and it offers a useful, repeatable battle that does very well in leveling your pets. Here's where you can find all our Squirt Strats.

Though much emphasis is placed on Super Squirt, there are plenty of viable leveling fights from the repeatable tamers listed in the Powerleveling Guide. If you don't have your garrison up to par for Squirt, you'll likely still get a fair few tamers that will do nicely in Squirt's stead.

Keep in mind, EU players: I believe someone said this Super Squirt day will be a shorter one due to reset, so don't put all your eggs in one basket, and look out for other leveling options throughout the week.

We wish you the best of luck in your collection of the new patch pets, and a happy battling week!

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