The Pet Menagerie
With the introduction of Warlords of Draenor, pet battles also got a nice little addition: The Pet Menagerie!

Once your character reaches level 100 you will be able to build the Pet Menagerie. Once done, you will receive the quest Pets Versus Pests to defeat three enemy pets. They are not very hard and at the bottom of the fight list here on the left you will find some strategies to beat them.

After this initial challenge, you will be offered daily pet challenges without the need to actually leave your homestead. Isn't that neat?

Every day there are different challengers in the ring. They rotate through the list in order, making it very predictable. On the left you can see all the fights and in order.

There are plenty of rewards for doing the battles, most importantly Pet Charms. Every daily quest yields about a few of these (pre-Legion) for which you can buy pets and some fun items!

Once you acquire the level 3 menagerie, the daily quest is upgraded and then has a small chance to include one of these pets:


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